Agricultural Corp. Sooye Pyeongchang Ogapi



An SooYe

20-25, Gupo-gil, Banglim-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun,
Gangwon-do, South Korea

Company Overview

With the belief that good food comes from good raw ingredients, we differentiated ourselves from other companies by adopting a self-produced farming method in 2004. We relocated and raised ogapi planted in a field to a high mountain area 700m above sea level, where black sediment is sufficiently accumulated.
Since the soil is not acidified, it produces high-quality products. We use hexagonal water for all products to extract maximum nutrients.
The main advantage of Pyeongchang ogapi is that 100% of the whole ogapi is used because the efficacy of each part from the root to the fruit is different. All the products of our company use only eco-friendly certified raw ingredients produced on our own farms, and we will produce and supply natural products without any coloring, preservatives, seasonings, and spices that are harmful to the human body.
Under the motto of authenticity and accuracy, and the principle of producing only the excellent, organic products, we produce extracts, fermented beverages, and natural processed foods. All of our employees promise to continuously develop and supply healthy food made of ogapi.




- Certification: Eco-friendly agricultural product certificate (Dec. 2010)
- Patents: Salted food using ogapi leaves and its manufacturing method, Mixed drinks/sikhye and its manufacturing method, Doenjang with gasiogapi and manufacturing method
- Awards (2012): Excellent Brand Awards (February/Korea Tourism and Hospitality & Evaluation Research), Excellent Product Award (March/World Brand Expo)