Barun Co., Ltd.



Kim han soo

5, Toegyegongdan 1-gil, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Barun Co., Ltd. researches and develops antibacterial and anti-inflammatory materials and products beneficial to the human body that have no side effects using natural materials. Our motif is “find the answer in nature”.
We have developed oral products that can be eaten without spitting out by replacing the chemicals contained in toothpaste/oral cleanser with nine food ingredients. People can use the product to manage a cavity anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether there is a bathroom at hand or not, like with conventional toothbrushing or mouthwash.
As a result of experiments conducted by Seoul National University Dental Hospital, it was confirmed that an average of 92% of bacteria causing cavity/periodontal disease/bad breath were reduced using this product.




- Dec. 19, 2018: Chuncheon mayor commendation
- Feb. 19, 2019: Selected as a CJ Product 101 Top 11 (Future Value Award)
- Jun. 04, 2019: VFDA (Vietnam Cosmetic Certificate) / Vietnam Food and Drug Administration
- Oct. 09, 2019: FDA TEST REPORT/ USA
- Feb. 28, 2020: One patent application