Biometrix Technology Inc.



Kim tae seon

56, Soyanggang-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Biometrix Technology Inc. was established to provide diagnostic kits with high sensitivity and reenactment by overcoming the limitation of the existing gene chips and protein chips. We developed 9G technology, a new gene sequencing technology, and DAGON technology used in analyzing a very small amount of protein (pg/ml) to diagnose main diseases such as cardiac disorders, lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer at an earlier stage and monitor a treatment process until diagnosed diseases are completely healed. Currently, cardiac disorder diagnostic kits are going through a commercialization process after gaining KFDA Permit. The diagnostic kits for lung cancer are undergoing a KFDA permit process, and diagnostic test kits for colorectal cancer and breast cancer are expected to go through a commercialization process based on an MFDS permit within this year.




Patents and permits
- Registered 13 patents in Korea, 4 patents in the U.S., 2 patents in China, 2 patents in Japan and 2 patents in the EU
- 8 CE Marks and 9 KFDA Permits

- KGMP Certificate
- ISO 13485 Certificate
- Promising SME in Gangwon-do (No. 2018-30, Sep. 12, 2018)
- Venture Business (No. 20200101554, Feb. 25, 2020)
- INNO BIZ (No. R7085-2388, Jun. 18, 2019)
- Corporate Research Center (No. 20021951, Jul. 22, 2002)
- Material and Parts Provider (No. 19206, Apr. 16, 2019)
- Gangwon IP Star Company (2020)
- Excellent Research Center Certificate (Jun. 2020)

- The 7th Industrial Technology Award of the Month in the New Technology Sector from Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (Jun 2014)
- 2014 Gangwon New Engineer Award from Minister of SMBs and Startups (Sep. 2014)
- Gangwon-do Technology Award from Gangwon-do Governor (Nov. 2017)
- 2017 Health and Medical Technology Promotion Contributor Award from Minister of Health and Welfare (Nov. 2017)
- The 11th Korea Global Medical Service Award from Minister of Food and Drug Safety (Nov. 2018)