Kim jung ho

221-12, Baengnyeong-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

BioVision, a venture company, researches and develops medical/pharmaceutical products. As a global leader who challenges to improve the quality of human life in a rapidly changing living environment, we are working hard to develop innovative products to solve various skin problems.
"Mirwho", recognized for its excellent antibacterial and regenerative effects, strives to create a product that can let the skin be reborn as a healthier one mainly based on Myrrh, which has been used as a curative medicine since ancient times.



- July 2018: Certified as a venture company
- 2019: Selected as a Youth Startup Excellent Company (Chuncheon City)
- Patent applied/registered (6 cases), trademark applied/registered (6 cases)

강원도 춘천시 중앙로 5, 강원도청 GTI 박람회 추진단

5, Jungangro, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon-Do 200-700
Republic of Korea, GTI EXPO

TEL : 033-249-2949 | FAX : 033-249-4021