BRU Co., Ltd.



Kim min joo


14, Jungbudong 2-gil, Hojeo-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

BRU Co., Ltd. is a producer of eco-friendly mineral fertilizers (with the brand name of “OKare”) that with farmers using state of the art technology. It is specialized in crop specific readymade customized fertilizers to help produce the highest quality eco-friendly agricultural products. The company also manufactures optimized mineral fertilizers through test cultivation on a variety of crops using expertise accumulated over a decade. We assist farmers to grow as entrepreneurs through relentless R&D. During this Expo, BRU will showcase its representative products, mineral fertilizers with the brand “OKare”, that are currently on sale via a channel of Nonghyup.




Licensed as fertilizer manufacturing business operator
1. Micronutrient fertilizer (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-10804, Nonghyup Code: 2100031517374)
2. Type 4 complex fertilizer (foliar feeding): (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-10404; Nonghyup Code: 2100032114787)
3. Type 4 complex fertilizer (for nutrient solution or irrigation): (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-10405; Nonghyup Code: 2100038474779)
5. Zeolite: (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-11001)
6. Type 4 complex fertilizer (for flowers): (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-10406)
7. Type 4 complex fertilizer: (Gangwon Wonju-06-Ga-10402)