Byeolttang Hangwa



Choi won ok

1498, Yeongseo-ro, Hongcheon-eup, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Byeolttang Hangwa was established in 2014 and is well-known for its product lines of gangjeong which is a Korean traditional cracker. The company’s gangjeong has uniquely crunchy texture thanks to its patent registered manufacturing procedure, so everyone can enjoy them without feeling it stick to the teeth.
Byeolttang Hangwa’s gangjeong products acquired the status as a specialty of Gangwon-do. They are made of healthy grains and 100% pure nuts grown from nature and contain no additive.
You can cut them into small pieces and enjoy Korean traditional cracker Gangjeong, free from any concern about safety because they contain no sugar, no preservative, and no colorant.




① Developed its gangjeong manufacturing procedure
② Received a letter of trademark registration
③ Received a letter of design registration
④ Certified as an SME ⑤ Certified as a female-owned business
⑥ Won the 2018 Seoul Awards
⑦ Received a written approval to use Gangwon-do’s specialty certification mark