Jin-hue, Kang

1-203, Midical Industry Techno-center,42-10 Taejanggongdan-gil Won ju-city,Gangwon-Do,26311, Korea

Company Overview

C&V Tech aims to develop medical devices that can help people in the world enjoy a healthy and happy life with creative and valuable technology.
for this purpose, Our company not only secures its own technology development capabilities in the field of optics and mechatronics, but also improves its product development capabilities by establishing an organic cooperation system with hospitals, schools, and industries with specialized technologies, We are also actively participating in the government's R&D policies.
In the field of research and development, we will develop tonometer for about 100 million patients suffering from glaucoma, Development of Imaging Medical Technology for Diagnosing Blood Flow Disorder in Microvascular Caused by Histological Necrosis, and In the long run, we plan to expand to
developing systems for vision management




- patent application(KOR) 3, patent registration(KOR) 4 trademark registration 2
- KGMP certification
- ISO 13485:2016 certification