Castle of the cookie Inc.



Joe sung jo

4030, Donghae-daero, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Castle of the cookie was founded in 2014 based upon the foundation of its mother company named Seoraksan Maple Bread established in 2000, including its baking and processing techniques, mass production capacity/facilities and know-how. As it has gone through the expansion of the business in 2018, the company name was changed into Castle of the cookie
Castle of the cookie is a specialized OEM and ODM manufacturer which has a competitiveness to pioneer a niche market with its unique baking technique. It makes its bread, cookies, jeonbyeong (a Korean-style pancake) and Korean rice cake called tteok in a variety of shapes and colors.




1 patent / 6 trademarks / 5 designs / Encouragement prize in the 2016 K-startup League / Excellence award in the 2015 International Food Industry Exhibition, Seoul / Grand prize in the 2020 Customer Loving Brand Awards / Approved by the Industrial Technology Association / Certified as a venture company in 2020 / Certified as a female-owned business in 2018 / Certified as a SME in 2018.