Chiak ssarigol soybean


Han myeong suk

61, Gomnemi-gil, Gwirae-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

We make products using 100% domestic beans in the traditional way of our ancestors.
Chiak Saarigol’s traditional soybean paste is made from high quality rock-water and the finest salt in Baeugnsan Mountain before being matured in traditional pottery for 3 years. Our traditional Makjang and soybean paste (doenjang) are attracting attention for their excellent taste.
We make traditional soybean paste using pristine high-quality rock-water, traditional manufacturing methods, and sanitary production facilities.
In addition, we reduce the loss of nutrients as much as possible by boiling carefully selected soybeans in iron pots. No preservatives or other chemical seasonings are added to our products, which are made in an uncontaminated natural environment.
We promise to maintain tradition.



Awarded gold prize at the Gangwon-do Source Show in October 2009

강원도 춘천시 중앙로 5, 강원도청 GTI 박람회 추진단

5, Jungangro, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon-Do 200-700
Republic of Korea, GTI EXPO

TEL : 033-249-2949 | FAX : 033-249-4021