Donghwa Food



Lee ji yeon

16-11, Nonggongdanji 2-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Donghwa Food values hygiene and health in its customer food culture. We are leading the way in taste and quality in the food industry. In addition, we have world-class product development ability in place to achieve our aim of contributing to national health and food culture.
In order to spread the healthy table cuisine of Korea to the world, Donghwa Food pursues customer health, joy, and happiness over profit. We strive to provide better food and taste. Using the steppingstone of the domestic market for export markets in the U.S., Japan, and China, we are various efforts to develop a variety of products and new menus to tap into new markets in Southeast Asia and elsewhere.




2011.04.01 Won Bronze Prize in the Fisheries Brand Expo 2011 (Omani Pollack sashimi)
2012.12.31. Gangwon Provincial Governor's Commendation (Developing overseas markets)
2016.10.05. Sokcho Omani salt-pickled seafood trademark registration
2016.11.23. Sokcho Mayoral Commendation (Regional economy growth)
2016.12.30. Gangwon-do Governor's Commendation (promotion of consumption and PR of fisheries products) and Gangwon-do Governor's Commendation (family business activities)
2017.02. Patent registration (Manufacturing method of seasoned Pollack sashimi)
2017.09.27. HACCP Certified [Seasoned salt-pickled Seafood]
2018.12.18. FSSC22000 Certified (MSCB-105)
2019.01.10. Patent registration – Manufacturing method of abalone-added seasoned Pollack sashimi and abalone added seasoned Pollack sashimi preparation
2019.02.01 Patent Registration – Manufacturing method of seawater Pollack roe boiled in soy sauce
2019.02.28. Patent registration - Manufacturing method of perilla leaf pickles using deep ocean water
2019.05.14 Commendation on 18th Food Safety Day
2017.11.02 Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (Exemplary small entrepreneur)
2018.05.16. Use of certification mark approved for agricultural and fisheries products in Gangwon Province
2018.08.02 Use of Gangwon Pollack integrated brand approved
2019.07.10. Patent registration - Manufacturing method of seasoned salt-pickled shrimp using deep seawater
2019.07.25 Citation of Gangwon-do Economy Promotion Agency (Regional Economic Revitalization and Export Project)
2019.10.04. Selected as a Promising Small and Medium Business in Gangwon-do
2019.12.17 Bronze Prize in Fisheries Food Export Brand Competition (Omani mixed salted seafood)
2020.05.06 Food processing selected by Sokcho City Master (Pollack sashimi)