Choi Uisik

11, Deulmogogae-gil, Bangnim-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

Company Overview

"Don't use any medicine if you can treat your patient with food," said Hippocrates.
Choi Eui-sik, founder of Drecho, returned to Pyeongchang after working for a pharmaceutical company specializing in herbal medicines for many years. Choi then began to develop products with the idea that he could prevent disease by consuming clean wild greens as medicinal herbs in his daily diet rather than being prescribed drugs once he became ill.
This is why he used pickled vegetables made of traditional Korean soy sauce, which our ancestors used as medicine, as a side dish. Although it is a pickled food, it is not salty due to ripening at low-salt temperature. It can be stored at room temperature for up to one year and a half using its own technology. Enjoy the natural texture and aroma of vegetables at your daily dining table.




Dec. 07, 2012. Reported Agricultural Telecommunications Sales for Drecho products
Dec. 18, 2012. Registered as a Duty Free Operator
Jul. 05, 2013. Registered factory establishment (food manufacturing industry)
Sep. 05, 2013. Registered Drecho trademark
Dec. 16, 2013. Changed status to general taxpayer
Dec. 11, 2014. Obtained Pyeongchang County Mayor's Quality Certificate
Aug. 30, 2015. Changed status to Drecho Agricultural Corporation
Oct. 01, 2015. Signed an MOU with Gusudam Agricultural Cooperative Corporation
Dec. 09, 2015. Registered as a Corporate Business Owner
Sep. 12, 2017. Certified as a Clean Workplace by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
Dec. 30, 2017. Obtained ISO22000 Certification
Mar. 2018. Signed a business agreement with the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF), DAEGWANRYEONG Horticultural Cooperative
Sep. 27, 2018. Reported as a member of Cooperative Body (Nongdo Together Co-operative Society)
Jul. 2018. Registered Design Patent
Sep. 2018. Exported its products to Hmart in LA, the US
Nov. 2018. Exported to KOTRA Melbourne Trade Center in Australia
Dec. 10, 2018. Won the Seoul Awards Best Product Selection by the Seoul Business Agency
May. 13, 2019. Registered as Agricultural Management Business by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management
Aug. 01, 2019. Acquired convergence of small and medium-sized enterprises in agricultural industry
Sep. 2019. Acquired FDA approval
Dec. 20, 2019. Recognized as a Preliminary Social Enterprises by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs