LIm Bok Lim

1, Yeonsedae-gil, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

This is Eco-Healing Co., Ltd., which values the harmony between nature and human beings.
All diseases that harm modern people's health come from the "environment, stress, and food." Food and stress can be taken care of by self-regulation and prevention, but it is difficult to create a good environment. Modern people suffering from lots of damage like sick house syndrome resulting from a dangerous living environment such as exposure to radon and asbestos. They say that it is best for humans to live in nature.
Therefore! Eco-Healing puts vitality of nature in the house.
By studying the best materials that can improve indoor air quality while blocking cement toxicity and volatile organic compounds harmful to the human body, we have developed functional eco-friendly finishing materials that have combined natural jade, natural minerals beneficial to the body, and natural fiber with excellent eco-friendly function. Via Echo-Healing, we hope you meet an eco-healing house where you can enjoy a healthy life, improve your quality of life, and heal your mind and body through nature. Eco-healing eco-friendly house consulting is always open to you, customers. Your interest in eco-friendly finishing materials would help to prevent environmental diseases.
Thank you.




2015: Silver Prize in World Women's Invention Contest
2016: Bronze Prize in World Women's Invention Contest, Grand Prize in World Environment Day
2017: Silver Prize and Bronze Prize in World Women's Invention Contest 2019: Special Award, Gold Prize, and Silver Prize in World Women's Invention Contest, Green Environment Grand Prize of Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, Daepyeong Nam Jong-hyun Inventor Award
2019: Creative Entrepreneur Award of Korea Hope Project
2019: Minister of SMEs and Startups Award, 6 patent registrations