Park yeon sook

17-4, Baramkkonmaeul 1-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Following significant research and experimentation, we finally succeeded in domestic cultivation to produce handmade soap, as well as amenity and body care products from Edelweiss extract as a domestic self-producing and distribution brand. We manufacture eco-friendly products that do not contain chemical ingredients, preservatives, and synthetic pigments.
We aim to develop eco-friendly products to become a global hotel spa & skin care brand representing Korean in this fashion era for cosmetics.
In 2011, we began to manufacture handmade soap with extract of edelweiss and supply it to hotels and resorts. In 2016, we started to produce amenity and sold to hotels and resorts, and also sold online. Growing Edelweiss flowers, the company is operating after getting registered as a 6th industry certified company.




Selected in Gangwon Tourism Souvenirs Competition
Gangwon tourism souvenirs 10-09 certification
Sixth industry certification
ISO22716 certification