G1bio Inc.



Kim Woosik

30, Bogateo 1-gil, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

The company is specialized in conducting research and development on cosmetics and independently manufacturing cosmetics products. As a trustworthy company, it is exporting excellent cosmetics products to 20 countries in the world on the strength of reliable production lines and raw materials.
Main products of the independent SOQU (Skin of Queen) brand include body moisturizers featuring aloe vera, rose, vitamin, watermelon, mango, pomegranate, coconut, tomato, wild chive, lavender and snail extract, face care products and basic care products. Functional mask pack products include a variety of product lineup featuring lifting-up face mask and V-line duel mask pack.




Patented technology
- Black ginseng manufacturing tools and production methods: Methods of manufacturing red ginseng to raise the content of low molecular saponin
- Optimization of conditions on extracting green tea and artemisia herb blend through a method of analyzing response surface : Ultrasonic-extraction conditions established

Research & development
- A study on phyletic/phylogenetic classification of kimchi fermentation lactic acid bacteria (Chemotaxonomy)
- A study on increase in content of Rg3 and compound K according to fermentation conditions for red ginseng extracts
- Commoditization of cosmetic raw ingredients with enhanced antioxidant effects of barley sprout extracts
- A study on brightening effects of privet fruits extract
- A study on brightening effects of Cynomorium songaricum extract
- Texture of a waxing cream made with sugar

Overseas certifications
- 2 cases registered with FDA in Thailand
- 5 cases registered with FDA in Vietnam
- 10 sanitation permits in China
- 10 CPNP cases completed in Europe and 21 cases under way

- Export Award for 52nd Annual Trade Day from Gangwon-do Provincial Governor (Nov. 2015)
- KITA President’s Award for the 44th Commerce Day (Mar. 2017)
- One Million Dollar Export Tower for the 54th Trade Day (Dec. 2017)
- Golden prize in GTI Expo Award (Sept. 2018)
- Silver prize in Gangwon-do Provincial Governor’s Award for Exporters’ Day in Gangwon (Dec. 2018)
- SMEs and Startups Minister’s Award (Dec. 2019)

National projects completed
- Foundation of Agriculture, Technology, Commercialization & Transfer (R&D Achievement Support Project)
Development of a high functional mask pack through the use of barley sprout extracts (2015-2016)
- Kangwon University (Transferred Technology Commercialization Support Project) (2016)
- Gangwon Techno Park Fast Track under way: Support for registration of a sanitation permit in China (SFDA) (2016)
- SMEs and Startups Ministry Growth Project under way (2017)

Technology transfer
- Foundation of Agriculture, Technology, Commercialization & Transfer (2014) : Extracts containing polyphenol compounds originated from barley sprouts and its producing method (National Institute of Crop Science)

- 2019 Small-and-Medium-Sized Promising Exporter
- Promising Small-and-Medium-Sized Business in Gangwon-do Province
- Main-Biz
- Affiliated research institute
- Designated as a venture business (KIBO)
- 3 patents, 1 service mark & 5 trademarks
- ISO9001, ISO22716