Glami co., Ltd



Nam Jonghyeon

32-30, Galmal-ro, Galmal-eup, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Glami Co., Ltd exerts all its efforts for the Healthy Culture of the 21st century and beyond. Using the best innovations and the accumulation of techniques, Glami Co., Ltd devotes itself to producing only the finest commodities with natural ingredients. Glami Co’s mission statement is to "Dedicate Itself to human prosperity with strong faith". The infinite dream of humanity comes from a healthy body and mind.




2017 Lifetime achievement award from the Archimedes invention exhibition in Moscow, Russia
2017 The Grand prix from the Archimedes invention exhibition in Moscow, Russia
2015.04.16 Korea Best Brand Award - 8 consecutive years imbc, Dong-A ilbo,
2015.04.03 2015 National Brands Award- 6 consecutive years Joong-Ang ilbo, Economist
2015.03.24 2015 Korea Brand Star - 8 consecutive years Brand Star, Korea Economy Newspaper
2015.01.27 2015 Korea First Brand Award- 7 consecutive years Korea Economy
2015.01.20 2015 The Trustest Brand Award by customers- 6 consecutive years Digital Chosun ilbo
2014.12.19 2014 Korea Lohas Certification- 9 consecutive years Korea Standard Association
2014.09.30 2014 This year Brand Award- 6 consecutive years Korea Customer Councils
2014.09.18 2014 Korea Customer-Trust Best Brand Award- 5 consecutive years Korea Brand Management Association
2014.08.21 2014 Korea Consumers Well-Bing Index No.1 - 10 consecutive years Korea Standard Association
2011.12.27 2011 Small-Medium Sized Business Green Management 8 Levels Achievement Administrator Korea Standard Association
2009~2014 Best Genius Product Prize from the World Genius Convention in Tokyo,Japan
2008.10.28 2008 Korea Best Brand Award by Korea Journalists Korea Journalists Federation
2008.05.19 2008 Gold tower order of industrial service merit from prime minister prime minister
2008 Special Product Prize from the 22nd World Genius Convention in Tokyo,Japan