Hoengseong Ariel Shiitake



Lim young sook

86, Taejong-ro gangnim 6-gil, Gangnim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

After retiring and planning on a new life, we at Ariel Shiitake decided to become farmers. We were still healthy, so we thought it would be a great idea to make wholesome produce and provide the rest to our neighbors. We decided to grow shiitake mushrooms. I am certified to make environmentally friendly pesticide-free products. Our shiitake mushrooms are not sent to the wholesale market, but supplied directly to customers. In addition, they are processed through the Hoengseong-gun Agricultural Technology Center and sold at the Hoengseong-gun Trade Center. You can also buy our products at Hoengseong-gun Local Foods, which is scheduled to open in July. We clean the ends of cleanly grown Ariel Shiitake mushrooms and remove as much dust as possible before shipping raw shiitake. In the case of dried shiitake, for the convenience of our customers, the mushroom stalk is removed, sliced and dried in the sun to increase nutrients such as vitamin D.
Currently, we are making new processed products: shiitake tea, shiitake jeonggwa, and seasoning types.




We conduct social media activities through the Agricultural Technology Center, and new custom has greatly increased. We are constantly meeting new customers through Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Live, and Naver Blog.
We are registered on Naver Smart Store.

(Hoengseong Ariel Shiitake Trademark Registration
Eco-friendly pesticide-free certification)