Jeongseon Arari Hangwa Farm



Kim Taesoo

21-62, Mirakdong-gil, Imgye-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

The birthplace of Jeongseon Arari Hangwa Farm was a family store, which made and sold handmade foods such as hangwa (Korean sweets), yakgwa (honey cookie), gangjeong (sweet rice puffs), and grain syrup in a traditional way for some 50 years. We established a farming association corporation in order taking in fresh raw materials from local farmers with the purpose of making a variety of once again popular traditional products, continuing the reputation of the great hangwa family. In addition to hangwa, we are developing and launching items made from local products such as balloon flower and ginger as well as various processed foods, and pioneering various markets.




- October 31, 2016 Rural convergence business certification
- December 26, 2017 Manufacturing method of Jocheong containing active ingredient of Hwanggi (patent)
- August 17, 2017 Jeongseon Arari Jocheong (trademark)
- January 5, 2018 Acquired ISO 9001
- September 5, 2018 Certification of FDA for 3 items including Jeongseon Gangjeong
- January 1, 2019 Farmers and merchants convergence type SME