Jeongseon Food Farm Co., Ltd.



Jo nam sook

64, Mureung 2-ro, Nam-myeon, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

The motive for establishing Jeongseon Food Farm Co., Ltd., an agricultural business corporation, was the wish to publicize the specialty regional products of environmentally clear and clean Jeongseon, and to process and sell healthful foods with local residents.
Deciding on soybean as the first material, we started manufacturing 'Cheonggukjang', a representative Korean fermented food. Existing 'Cheonggukjang' produces beneficial bacteria during fermentation using a straw, but at the same time may contain toxic bacteria.
To make up for this, our 'Cheonggukjang' is inoculated with the patented bacillus subtilis AFT-2 in modern facilities, creating a non-toxic, odorless, natto-type 'Cheonggukjang'.
We also developed and sell 'Cheongryu' 4050, which contains fermented soybeans and pomegranates and low molecular fish collagen particularly good for women experiencing menopause.
We will continue to develop products to help boost sales and revitalize the local economy.




- 'Jeongseon-maek' trademark applied for (international registration) No. 4020190123335
- Concluded agreement on a non-exclusive license for Gangwon-do Patent (No. 10-1684628)
"Non-toxic new bacillus subtilis strains and fermented soybean paste and its applications using them"