Jinju Food



Kim jin joo

15-1, Mirinae-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Jinju Food was established to fulfill following purposes:

First, we pursue to depart from high-salted seafoods adopted by the existing leaders and achieve low-salt processing so that markets can be expanded to embrace various age groups from children to the elderly.

Second, we compete under the concept of low salt in this field, which used to be treated as a declining industry, and develop new products with the addition of ground seeds for the elderly with weak teeth and low digestive power. The main products include “seasoned Alaska pollack roe” and “salted & dried cakes and cuttlefish’ that can be enjoyable with spaghetti and hot cooked rice mixed with dried laver. In particular, salted pollack roes boiled down with soy sauce lightly is not strong-tasting, so that it’s good for children.

We use our own green plum syrup for about 1 ton every year to make raw Alaska pollack, which is delivered to restaurants nationwide, the most delicious food in Sokcho. We are steadily growing in sales by supplying products to well-known chain stores such as Emart and No Brand.




Certificated as Female-Owned Business