KNP Korea Inc.



Ko jae chil

10-1, Bugok 4-gil, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Keep Nature and People, KNP Korea (Goh Jae-Chil, CEO), was established in Donghae in Gangwon-do in 2012 based on experiences in developing and transferring technologies and products in the beauty sector for about 15 years. Currently, we mostly manufacture cosmetics and functional soaps based on accumulated advanced technology through R&D business and exports them to 10 countries including the U.S., China, Taiwan, Singapore, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.
In 2014, we developed and launched a natural cleansing pack that combines cosmetics with a soap for easy makeup removal, and were selected as one of 10 Excellent Products by the press corps. We also unveiled one-off Lamian Cleansing Finger Sheet that can be easily carried in 2018 GTI-EXPO, drawing attention and praises from many buyers from around the world.
KNP Korea will grow into a trustworthy company with a firm confidence in unlimited potential for improved value of life through realization of eco-friendly products that keep nature and people based on creative research and development on the very best product going beyond Korea.




2020 Filed an application for trademarks (6) related to 3 major adult diseases
2018 Registered a patent on manufacturing method of smoked dry plums and related equipment
2018 Registered a patent on manufacturing method of cleansing sheets and disposable thimble cleansing pads
2018 Received GTI-EXPO Award (Launched Disposable Lamian Cleansing Finger
2018 Selected as an excellent company for Gangwon Governor’s Award
2015 Filed an application for 5 patents related to redroots, soybean paste and Ongsimi and for 12 trademarks
2014 Registered a patent on manufacturing method of functional coffee beans (Patent No. 10-1371591)
2014 Registered a patent on manufacturing method of high-concentration alkaline sulfur sols (Patent No. 10-137028)
2014 Filed an application for 2 trademarks and 1 patent on diet Ongsimi made with tofu residues and potatoes
2012 Filed an application for hair-growth-promoting compositions for hair products and its manufacturing method