#B-716,717,718, Keumkang Penterium IT Tower, 282 hagui-ro, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Postal code: 14056

Company Overview

KORUST Co., Ltd succeeded in brand-making by developing the world's first High Intensity Focused Ultrasound surgical instrument that incorporates the technology called CENTERLESS HIFU to ensure stability as well as technology development. KORUST Co., Ltd has developed a product remote control system using IoT technology for follow-up management of overseas export products, enabling consumer convenience and rapid A/S. Through this technological advantage and years of strategic access to the market, KORUST Co., Ltd has established its own territory in HIFU market.




- 2019.11: THE NEW 토닥이 (export name: CAREWAY) KFDA item license obtained
- 2019.07: UTIMS CRUISE KFDA item license obtained
- 2019.05: CELLEON CE MDD certification
- 2019.02: ISO 13485:2016 certification
- 2018.11: CELLEON KFDA item license obtained
- 2018.05: Selected as a Small Giant Company of Korea
- 2018.05: Awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT
- 2018.02: Awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare
- 2017.10: UTIMS MINI/U-BOX CE MDD certification
- 2017.02: UTIMS MINI/U-BOX KFDA item license obtained
- 2016.12: Gyeonggi Export Promotion Award-Gyeonggi-do Governor Award
- 2016.12: Presidential Award-Venture Merit
- 2016.07: Selected as a national R&D project-design competency enhancement project
- 2016.06: Selected as an excellent venture company
- 2015.12: UTIMS A2S, UTIMS A3 CE MDD certification
- 2014.12: Taiwan TFDA certification
- 2014.10: Promising small and medium business certification
- 2014.08: UTIMS A1 KFDA item license obtained
- 2014.05: Certified as a technology innovation small and medium business (INNO-BIZ)
- 2014.02: UTIMS A1 CE MDD certification
- 2012.10: Acquired permission for the first High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator in Korea
- 2012.10: Acquired KFDA manufacturing license