Park sang jae

32, Soyanggang-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

MEDIENCE Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures physiologically activating foods made from natural materials. We develop and sell functional and health functional foods based on natural functional materials that increase physiological activity by tens to hundreds of times through processes such as extraction, purification, and fermentation. We develop and sell functional health foods with proven functionality to prevent and manage chronic diseases. In the centenarian era, we are researching and developing natural medicines that have therapeutic effects using advanced purification and nano-technology.




⦁ Patents: 13 patents registration (2 overseas), 12 patents application (3 PCT)

⦁ Awards:
2017 Prime Minister's Award, Gangwon-do Governor's Award
2018 Gangwon Small and Medium Business Award of Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2019 Chuncheon Mayor Award, Gangwon-do Governor Award

⦁ Certifications: Venture companies, affiliated research institutes, export promising small and medium-sized enterprises, SME intellectual property management, Inno-Biz, health functional food GMP