Merlin Co., Ltd.



Choi Seonhui

83, Sangjidae-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Company Overview

We are Merlin Co., Ltd., making popular cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Subuni is a natural cosmetics brand that means moisture obtained from nature absorbed in the skin. It is highly functional and hypoallergenic, containing active ingredients with powerful moisturizing effects.
Starting with the breast pack, that provides special skin care for hidden spots, we will soon be releasing prototypes of body lotion, lip balm, and mask pack. We are working hard on research and development to diversify base cosmetics and popularize natural products.
Merlin is striving to shift from the classic image of natural products and to create cosmetics that are casually accessible to anyone through young and modern design and trendy marketing.




Patent for total synthesis method of Licochalcone D
Patent for beauty packs applied to chest and armpits