MIJ Co., Ltd.



Hur jin suk

#218 882, Baksa-ro, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

MIJ Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. As a manufacturer of bone-conduction headsets, we have launched various bone-conduction headsets and bone-conduction hearing aids. We have been exporting our products to countries such as Japan and Czech Republic since 2017.
In 2020, we are working on R&D activities to advance as a digital healthcare company in hearing/tinnitus care with a product that combines our hardware development technology with new technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence.




○ Winning the award (2019)
- 2019 Minister of SMEs and Startups Award for Venture Promotion
- 2019 Minister of Science, Technology, Information and Communication Award for Regional Industrial Development
- 2019 Regional SW Industry Development Contest Winner (Ministry of Science and Technology Award)

○ Status of obtaining company certification (2019)
- Inno-Biz
- IPCERT Intellectual Property Management Certification
- Recognition of corporate research institutes
- Global IP Star Company
- ISO9001/14001
- Venture company
- Women's enterprise
- promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export

○ Current status of patents and major intellectual property rights related to technology
(Name-Status-Right-Application/Registration Number-In order of application/registration date)
Patent 10-1849041 2018.04.09 for registering headset for goal conduction
Patent 10-1910282 2018.10.15 for registering health care devices using bone conduction hearing aids
Patents designated in Japan - Patent registered for bone conduction headset/overseas 6514417 2019.04.19
Patent 10-1934229 2018.12.24 for registering headset for goal conduction
Determination of patent registration for goal conduction headset with dual microphone 2018.07.06
Decided to register patent for goal conduction headset registration 2019.03.28
Patent 10-2019-0148322 2019.11.19 for bone conduction headset for treatment of tinnitus at the same time as breast and ear flaps
Patent 10 -2019-0133952 2019.10.25 for Goljeon Headset with Goljeon Microphone
Patent for Headset for Goal Conduction/PCT PCT/KR2017/007396 2017.07.11

○ List of patents related to tinnitus care received through technology transfer contract with Hallym University's Department of Language and Audiology
(Name-Status-Right-Application/Registration Number-In order of application/registration date)
Patent 10-2006250 2019.07.26 for registration of tinnitus recycler using composite sound
Patent 10-2018-0106050 2018.09.05 for applications of ambient noise-based ringing sound generating devices and methods
Patent 10-2018-0117644 2018.10.02 for tinnitus treatment sound control device and method
Patent 10-2019-0064817 2019.05.31 for Hearing Inspection Devices, Methods and Programs
Patent 10-2019-0065626 2019.06.03
Patent 10-2019-0067008 2019.06.05 for treatment of tinnitus
Patent for application of luminosis treatment monitoring device and method 10-2019-0067239 2019.06.07

○ Product certification status
(certification-product-acquisition date-in order of certification number)
FCC Eteo N60 19.11.09 2AL5DBBCT2018-N60
FCC Eteo S2 17.01.06 2AL5DBBCT2017-S2
TELEC Eteo N60 19.07.15 R210-131549
CE Eteo One DoC
CE Eteo S2 DoC
KC Eteo One 19.01.23 R-C-MiJ-ETEREO-ONE
KC Eteo S2 17.05.08 MSIP-CRM-MiJ-S2
KC Eteo N60 17.12.26 R-CMM-MiJ-ETREO-N60