Mua Choah Co., Ltd.



Choo Myeongho


28, Halladae-gil, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Mua Choah Co., Ltd. uses natural ingredients such as pine nuts and green tea leaves to produce functional mists, shampoos, and lotions for pets that are effective in preventing mites, improving atopic dermatitis, deodorizing, and have antibacterial and anti-itching effects.
Most pet products currently on the market have many cases that cause tickling and skin diseases due to the chemical components harmful to pets. Pests, bacteria, and fine dust adhere to the hair and skin of pets, causing various diseases.
After completing the product development, it is on the market and has been awarded the GTI Gold Award in 2019.




◯ Patents
- May 8, 2018 Composition for eliminating of bad smell and adsorbing fine dust used for pet animal
(Patent Registration No.: 10-1857746)
◯ Awards
- Oct. 20, 2019: GTI Gold Award
- Nov. 19, 2019: 2019 IR Pitch Encouragement Award
◯ Certificates
- Apr. 3, 2018: Venture company certification