Mushtech Co., Ltd.



Son Myeongja

55-9, Cheongil-ro 453beon-gil, Cheongil-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Mushtech Co., Ltd., is a company named after "mushroom" and "biotechnology." We secure the genetic resources of domestic and foreign mushrooms, research the mass production and biological activities of those genetic resources, and develop new functional products. In particular, we have developed the method of cultivating insect flowers in brown rice and have been producing them in large quantities. Through conducting a Rural Development Administration research project with Dong-A Pharm based on the knowledge obtained through biological activity research, we received Biological Activity Level 2 certification for enhancing immunity from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which recognized our products as sources of health functional food. We are currently selling immunogens from insect flowers for Dong-A Pharm's D.C. Daily and WoongJin Liliette's Jayeonmore. Mushtech Co., Ltd. is a company that researches the method of mass production for industrialization, as well as focuses on the development of new functional products and functional applications using Seong Jaemo Cordyceps militaris.




2005 Mass production method of Ascomycota or Basidiomycota fruiting bodies using monospore liquid spawn (Patent No. 10-0643836)
2011 A clean bench for inoculating of Cordyceps militaris hypha (Patent No. 10-1026875)
2011 Registered Seong Jaemo Cordyceps militaris as a plant variety (No. 3427), Korea Seed & Variety Service
2011 Designated as an Excellent Agricultural Products Management Facility (No. 1109-034), National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
2015 Certified as a business for rural convergence industry
2016 Certified as New Knowledge Farmer of Korea (No. 383), Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
2016 Received New Technology Citation (No. 116008) from Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
2017 Received Export Grand Prize, Rural Development Administration
2017 Certified as an Excellent Agricultural Products Management Facility
2019 Certified as an Excellent Agricultural Products Management
2020 Certified as a pesticide-free produce by Kangwon National University's Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation