N2Hitech Co., Ltd.



Kim jae sung

411-1, Daean-ro, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Human nature, creative challenge, technological innovation, productivity improvement, quality improvement, customer confidence
N2Hitech Co., Ltd., which puts customer confidence first by innovating technology through always challenging creatively with the attitude of human nature to improve productivity and quality for a life in which people live together, a life in which they live in nature while mingling with nature.
N2Hitech, a leading company of eco-friendly building materials, specializes in manufacturing materials for eco-friendly landscaping facilities such as 「synthetic wood」 deck and fence, 「natural wood」 deck and fence, and 「metal」fence.
In particular, N2Hitech values humans and nature and produces eco-friendly green products that have a semi-permanent life span while retaining the natural texture and properties of wood but having strong durability against moisture, sunlight, and pests and having no harmful ingredients detected at all by applying an extrusion molding technology that extrudes and molds after mixing wood fiber and synthetic resin.
Through constant research and technology development, we will manufacture better and safer products that are in harmony with humans and nature, and we will become a company that appreciates the call of customers who come to N2Hitech and rewards their trust.