Nature mind



Jang Sunmi

214, Anmasan-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

Company Overview

Established Natural Mind (Natural Mind, which wants to bring nature into people and nature into people, sublimates household goods with Korean beauty in three spirits, and is handmade and is handmade and manufactured natural products safe enough for sick children to use. It is a natural handicraft company that supplies and supplies traditional Korean household goods that are currently recognized as government procurement companies.
The president is a three-generation craftsman sublimates household items into healing crafts, and also is an aroma therapist. She is the first Korean craft artist to be recognized as a traditional craft in the soap genre.




Encouragement Prize at the 5th Government Procurement Cultural Goods Contest
Best Marketing Award at the 29th Korea Tourism Festival
Gold Prize at the 18th Gangwon-do Tourism Souvenir Competition
Gold Prize (Eco-friendly Product) at the 2nd GTI International Trade & Investment Fair
Encouragement Prize at the 17th Korea Tourist Souvenir Competition (Korean Masterpiece Certification)
Excellent company of PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games (Cert. No.19-1-23: obtained Government Procurement Company Designation Certificate)
Presidential Citation at the Gangwon-do Parliament (Promotion of Local Economy),
Presidential Citation at the Kangwon province Public Procurement Service (Craft Work)
Commendation of Small and Medium Business Administration President (Creative Enterprise Management)