Oncecasero Co., Ltd



Park seong eon


83, Sangjidae-gil, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Oncecasero Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and selling convenience foods made with clean agricultural products in Gangwon Province. It was designated as Gangwon Preliminary Social Enterprise in December 2019 and certificated as Female-Owned Business.
By using eco-friendly non-standard agricultural products (accounting for 30% of annual production by farm) that are not commercialized due to their poor appearances despite their nutrition and taste, we will realize the following three social values that:
1) increase farm household income;
2) reduce cost for disposal of agricultural products; and
3) solve environmental problems caused by disposal.
And we will also seek to create jobs contributing to economic independence of the vulnerable by hiring them for the manufacture sector.
Recently, we developed “Jeong Ho-Yeong’s Potato Croquette” in cooperation with Jeong Ho-Yeong, a celebrity chef, and released “Mushroom Pie” for vegans, acquiring Vegan Certification.
In the future, we will develop a variety of frozen foods by using eco-friendly non-standard agricultural products in Gangwon Province while pushing for corporate growth.