Pyeongchang Hanwoo Village Farming Association



Choi il lak

15, Daehwa 3-gil, Daehwa-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, Pyeongchang Hanwoo Village Farming Association is leading the popularization of Korean beef.
We supply safe and healthy feed made from fiber feed factories to Hanwoo. We are leading the domestic market by producing excellent Korean beef that is juicy and chewy through hygienic slaughtering processing lines and distributing it across the country.
We minimize the distribution stage by sequencing and operating the entire process until it is delivered to the consumer, and provide premium quality Korean beef to the consumer at low price.




Jan. 18, 2011
Management innovation SME (MAIN-BIZ) certification
Aug. 09, 2012
Environmental Management System Certification ISO14001:2015
Jul. 20, 2014
HACCP certification for livestock packaging processing business
Nov. 27, 2015
HACCP certification for livestock distribution
Sep. 20, 2018
Selected as a good job company by the trust guarantee funds

Records of past awards
Mar. 03, 2016
Wonju Taxpayer's citation as a model taxpayer on the 50th Taxpayer's Day
Dec. 31, 2019
Commendation from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs