Ho sung suk

1391, Gimyujeong-ro, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Raphadeo established a corporation in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on January 10, 2017 with the vision of, "Let's treat others as we wish to be treated."
We prepared a production facility and opened it with an exhibition hall on February 27 to showcase our new "whole-root Honey Ginseng" product.
Raphadeo was developed by biochemical experts wishing to create a product that cares for the health of mothers and families, one that can be eaten with confidence by the whole family.

Whole-Root Honey Ginseng (Gwangsunsam) is improved in three aspects from previous red ginseng products.
First, it adds more sweet flavors with natural honey.
Second, it contains moisture to be eaten more smoothly.
Third, thanks to Compound K, the ultimate metabolite of red ginseng saponin, it increases absorption rate with easy to digest low-molecular ginsenoside.

Sam honey (Raphahoney) has been improved in two ways from the previous honey product.
First, it contains two-sided ginsenosides (ginseng ingredient) that mix well with water and oil, making it the first kind in the world to mix well with water and milk.
Second, it is sterilized in a high-temperature, high-pressure environment, even allowing newborn babies who can't eat raw honey due to microbial bacteria to eat it. It is also helpful for immunity thanks to ginsenoside.

In addition, we are preparing a product brand called Raphajuni and Raphapet, and are researching and developing products good for the health of children and pets.




Domestic certification: Agricultural product certification from Gangwon-do, ISO22000 certification for fishery products
Recognized as a Venture Business, Women-owned Business, Global IP Star Business
Patent: 4 cases of invention patent registration (attached)
Award performance: 5 cases (attached)