Sambangsan Refrigerant Corn
a farming cooperative corporation



Lee yong woo

476, Sambangsan-gil, Buk-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

The Agricultural Cooperative was founded on Mar. 27, 1917 with the investment of seven households located at Gonggi 2-ri, with the aim of making the village wealthier by improving productivity through advanced agricultural management in terms of shipment, distribution and processed export of agricultural products. Resulting from studies on how to increase incomes based on the agricultural products most widely grown in the village, the Co-op started business with frozen corn, fermented soybean lumps, and pickled cabbage. Frozen corn was chosen following a pre-survey in well-known production regions such as Jeongseon and Goisan on how to maximize the inherent sweetness of corns, and toward making the village an icon for corns. As a result, the Co-Op is delivering a large amount of corn products far and wide by parcel service based on ‘sisterhood’ ties established in 2007 with the Seoul Branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. We will continue to redouble production of corn and purchase from nearby farmer-vendors.