Sejun F&B Co., Ltd.



Park seung yong

53, Heungseong-gil, Nam-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

We are a rice processing manufacturing company that specializes in Korean traditional food such as 'nurungji' and rice cakes. Based on its excellent taste/quality and technical skills, it started to supply 'nurungji' to OTTOGI Corporation, a large food company, in 2004 and currently supplies rice cake soup and 'tteokbokki' and exports some on its own brands.
(with 70% or more of the domestic 'nurungji' market share, i.e., top)




Sejun F&B is an excellent, small and strong company that awarded several government official commendations including the Prime Minister's citation, Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Minister's award, the Grand Prize of Gangwon Small and Medium Enterprises.

Oct. 16, 2004: How to Manufacture Instant Cup 'Nurungji'
Jan. 17, 2012: How to Manufacture 'Sungnyung' using early-harvested rice
May 31, 2012: Method of manufacture of 'sikhye' type rice soy milk
Mar. 28, 2013: Method of manufacture of rice cookies using enzyme-treated rice flour
Feb. 26, 2016: Method of making rice cake using saturated steam and extrusion molding system
Jun. 29, 2016: 'Nurungji' made using brown rice
Jun. 29, 2016: 'Nurungji' made using black rice
Dec. 07, 2016: Method of manufacture of long-term storable bar rice cake
Mar. 20, 2017: Nurungji with Pine Tree Leaves
Jan. 03, 2018: Packing container utility model
Oct. 17, 2018: Sauce composition using useful microorganism with biological transition material
Dec. 13, 2018: Design of a disposable spoon