Seungdang Farming Association



Yoo yeong joe

24-4, Gositgol-gil, Nam-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Seungdang Farming Association is a specialized agricultural company established by local farmers with aims to produce, process and sell only domestic rice and mixed grains at Nam-myeon, a mountainous district in Yeongwol, Gangwon Province. As a leader in the small-packaged mixed grains processing sector, it was founded in August in 1996. According to the grain shipment plan, we provide the fresh grains only based on a principle of polishing the small amount of grains. Also, we provide pesticide-free and eco-friendly mixed grains to local schools based on contract cultivation and have the most advanced polishing facilities, cold storage and processing facilities based on Development of Brand Promotion Project for Upland Crops. We all do our best to help consumers enjoy high-quality fresh domestic grains with safety.




1998 Received Commendation from Agriculture and Forestry
2009 Selected as Developer of Brand Promotion Project for Upland Crops (1-billion KRW in total)
Environment Friendly Producer Certification (14 times until 2020)
2010 Selected as GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)
2013~2020 Appointed Honorary Researcher for Production Technology Development by National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service
2016 Selected as Developer of Management System for Upland Crops (1-billion KRW in total)
2017 Selected as Excellent Farmer of Agricultural Informatization by Rural Development Administration
Appointed Specialized Distributor of Gangwon Grain Development Council by Gangwondo Agricultural Research and Extension Services