Sori Co., Ltd.



Park seong hyun

98-44, Ireungye-gil, Toseong-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Use of authentic farm food and the wild edible greens of Gangwon; GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified; Pickling with mineral rich deep sea water; risk-free cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner; fermented and ripened in jars using traditional pickling methods; pigment-free, preservative-free

2018 Excellent Food with Sodium Reduction (certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS));
Simple but full of flavor!
Wild edible plants, nature’s gift, that are proven to be good for our body and stimulate appetite in all seasons!

Sori Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation, which had germinated over 300 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds in its own farm from 2011, started a food manufacturing/processing business after research in the efficacy and ingredients of wildflowers. With a corporate culture of “enthusiasm and belief” wedded to “credit and customer delight,” the company has walked a unique path in improving dietary life and health while producing quality and nutritious dining table food.
We tenaciously seek only ingredients grown in Goseong, a region of Gangwon province well-known for its fertile soils. Authentic foods when fermented with the use of the freshest raw materials create nutritious wholesome meals.




Sep. 12, 2017: Certified a Clean Establishment by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
Sep. 14, 2017: Certified as a business operator in the farm convergence industry (No. 2017-10-010)
May 28, 2018: Certified as a Forest-type Preliminary Social Enterprise (No. 3 in 2018) by the Korea Forest Service
Jun. 20, 2018: Approved use deep sea water
* GAP for agricultural product (perilla leaf) (No. 1006871)
Oct.15, 2018: Food Master representing Goseong-gun (No. 2018-01)
Aug. 7, 2019: ISO 22000-19-E-0393 Rev. 0
* Myeongi Jangajji approved for human use by the FDA, the USA (No. 19-2236)
* Gomchi Jangajji approved for human use by the FDA, the USA (No. 19-2237)
* Pyogo Jangajji approved for human use by the FDA, the USA (No. 19-2238)
* Gondre Jangajji approved for human use by the FDA, the USA (No. 19-2239)
Sep. 20, 2019: ISO 14001-19-C-0513 Rev. 0
Nov. 11, 2019: Quality Certification (GW-19-17-110) awarded by Gangwon Governor