Sorol-K inc.



Oh Jeongyeol

270, Yeonju-ro, Jumunjin-eup, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Good cosmetics products made with natural ingredients originating from Gangwon-do Province, a renowned environmentally clean region of Korea. A new Made-in-Korea cosmetics company, SOROL K, is drawing the attention of global customers. The slogan of SOROL K is “Phyto + Medics,” meaning “a natural dermatologist.” We study Phyto (plants) and Chemical (Chemistry) to uncover the chemicals in plants. Our concept combines Phytochemicals with Medics.
With the help of 7 herbal medical doctors, SOROL K adopts natural ferment extracts from such Gangwon specialties as wild ginseng, kelp, Ecklonia cava, bamboo and pine needle, as well as herbal ingredients including four substance decoction excellent at whitening the skin, and Angelica acutiloba root excellent at reducing wrinkles. We also specialize in manufacturing skincare products using lonicera flower, irises and wild sesame leaf extracts that serve as natural preservatives for minimized adoption of chemicals. SOROL K cosmetics product represent Gangwon-do Province in the global market in an effort to contribute to advancing the skincare industry of the world.




Acquired patent (No. 10-1804535, Skin-Brightening Composite and Production Method) and 2 overseas standard certificates (Sanitation Permit Certification in Japan & Vietnam)