Kim tae hyeong

641-22, Saimdang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Established in September 2019, T-Fresh registered its license to manufacture foods in October after installation of facilities and started manufacturing based on research and development on processed foods. Judging that Koreans accustomed to drinking coffee or soda have changed their drinking habit as their interest in health, diet and well-being has been increased on the back of the growing tea market, T-Fresh was founded to provide premium tea putting health before anything else. The HQ developed ‘perilla leaf tea,’ which is healthy premium leached tea emphasizing the unique taste and scent of perilla leaves through eight processes (cleaning, rolling and oxidation, etc.) for today’s consumer trend. If scientific research and development were conducted on the excellent efficacies of the perilla leaf, it is expected to induce not only a new lease on life for the existing tea and beverage markets but also exportation of functional foods, natural additives and high value-added ingredients in related industries as substitutes of herb and green tea products boasting of solid position in the market.