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Company Overview

Winback Go East which is an Asia APAC of Winback Medical, is located in South Korea and is in charge of all the regions in Asia, EastAsia, Middle East, and Oceania. Winback has built its reputation on innovation and results quickly becoming the reference in Tecartherapy. Along with the therapist’s expertise, Winback delivers effective and efficient result in the rehabilitation of muscles and articular functions. It is true physiological bio-accelerator. Winback designs and produces its own equipment to provide our customers with the premium devices for therapists and patients.
WINBACK TECAR Therapy does not set limits in markets. It means, you can approach to a variety of industries such as medical(physio/rehabilitation), sports, beauty and oman care(intimity). According to Winback’s rapid growth, Winback has become one of the leaders in combining manual physiotherapy recovery techniques with radio-frequency technology to rapidly recover acute, sub-acute and chronic injuries. Winback is one of the fastest growing international company operating in the physiotherapy and sports medicine market place having grown from zero to over 5,000 health and sports professionals in under 7 years.
Now, Winback are present in 50 countries and a medical partner of approximately 150 International Sport teams and Associates. Tecartherapy has been widely used in Europe over the past 12 years by many of the top football clubs from the first team to the academies including various teams such as PSG, FC Monaco, Barca, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan. Since we launched in the UK in 2017, Winback has been enormously successful with premier league football and rugby clubs and prestigious private physiotherapy practices.




- Overseas patents (FRANCE, JAPAN)
- Overseas application (CHINA)
- Certification: FDA, FDA CANADA, CE, CE MDD, KC, etc.