Wonju Lacquer Food Co., Ltd.



Han Eulsoo

2985, Chiak-ro, Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

“You can do it (coexistence and co-prosperity)”
It is difficult to make great achievements unless a person thinks far away.
Wonju Lacquer Food Co., Ltd . is a company with the sure belief that “We can do it”.
We want to achieve good results through a strong desire to succeed and the belief that we will.
We will strive to become a long term player by running a future-oriented business rather than merely pursuing profits up front. In addition, we will manage so that we can prosper and share profits for everyone's success, not just the company. We will not forget our Gangwon-do as we venture out into the world, and will do our best to plant Gangwon-do in the minds of people around the world.




1. Certified as a rural convergence & complex industry
2. Method for manufacturing lacquer from which allergens have been removed; its manufacturing apparatus; and printed matter using this lacquer