Wonju Mushroom Farming Association Corporation



Cho Younghee

35-56, Naenamsong-gil, Panbu-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

- April 1, 2007 Established company
- Cultivated Chiaksan big pine (Portobello) mushroom
(Selected as a special product and tourism product of Wonju City 2017)
- Mushroom Cookie
- Mushroom Bukkumi (a kind of cake)
- Big pine mushroom soap (natural soap for improving skin disease) - Patent No. 10-1986664
Farmers who grow big pine mushroom together established the Wonju Mushroom Farming Association Corporation.
Chiaksan big pine mushroom (Portobello mushroom) company

Processed products:
* Chiaksan Big Pine Mushroom Cookie, Mushroom Bukkumi, Big Pine Mushroom Soap
* Propolis <health functional food, GMP certification, traceability>




- Soap: Patent application in May 31, 2018
No. 10–198664 <Natural soap for skin improvement using big pine mushroom extract as an active ingredient>
- Trademark registration for big pine mushroom
- Local food certification
- Gangwon-do Governor’s Award 3 times
- Rural Development Administration Award 2 times
- Excellent New Knowledge Worker of Korea Award
- The Best Company Award
- 2011 Wonju Mayor’s Commendation
- 2009 Award of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs