Yeongwol Pine Nut Farming Association



Lee seon jong

756-15, Bongnaesan-ro, Buk-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea

Company Overview

Yeongwol Pine Nut Farming Association is located in Deokwoogol, Macha-ri, Buk-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, where clean creeks immune to drought or winter freezing flow along the mountains surrounded by chestnut trees and nut pines. Our pine nuts are organic forest products certified pesticide-free, and our products boast the best quality, the biggest pine nut, and best taste in Korea. Pine nuts grown in cold areas of the highlands are famously larger in size and taste better. We harvest and process pine nuts from 1000m above sea level in Taebaeksan, located in Yeongwol-gun.

[In Yeongwol, high-quality pine nuts are produced from nut pines planted after cutting pine trees to be used as mine posts. However, since there were formerly no processing facilities, most of the pine nuts produced were taken to other regions, processed there, and then returned. (Gangwon Ilbo- [Yeongwol], the construction of a general distribution center for pine nuts processing with 800 million won in Yeongwol, Excerpt from the article)]

We promote and sell high-quality Yeongwol pine nuts, which are not widely known, across the whole country.




Organic product certification No. 29-3-1347